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HALSC Lockers




Lockers are available to learners and staff for the academic year and provide a storage solution for academic materials, sport kits, etc.


Detailed Description

Weston College shall not be held responsible and does not accept liability for the loss of (or damage to) wearing apparel, property or valuables left in the dressing rooms or any other part of the relevant premises at which activities are organised. Persons using relevant premises must use any lockers provided for storage of clothing and valuables. 


  • Lockers are for temporary storage of personal items whilst you are using the campus facilities.
  • You are fully responsible for both the key and the contents of the locker.
  • Please do not leave perishable, inflammable or noxious items in them.
  • Lockers may be spot checked on a periodic basis.
  • Locker users are responsible for ensuring lockers are left in a clean condition after use.
  • Storage of any items which are of an illegal nature, or would cause or be likely to cause a health hazard, security risk, physical danger or a nuisance to the environment or to other members of the Weston College Group (e.g. perishable food, explosives, pets, weapons) is prohibited.
  • If lockers are being used for inappropriate items or are unclean, the locker contents will be quarantined, and the deposit forfeited.
  • Weston College cannot be held responsible for any items that go missing or are damaged. 

Usage instructions 

  • Purchase your locker through the Weston Sport section of the Online Store:
    • Fee - £15 per academic year
    • Deposit - £5 (refundable upon key return)
  • Visit Nina Holder, Faculty Administrator, in the Staff Room to collect your locker key.
  • You will be assigned a key and locker number.
  • Open the door and place your items for storage in the designated locker.
  • Take a note of the location of the locker and retain the key safely.
  • In the event of difficulty, please notify Nina Holder, Faculty Administrator for Sport & Health:

Vacant lockers will have their key retained by the Faculty Administrator. If the door is secured and no key is visible, then that locker is either in use or out of action.